Designed in Denmark this excellent electric height adjustable changing table range is available in the UK

2020 UK priced brochure - suggested retail prices ex VAT and delivery


  BSR 119 floor-standing with wheels                         BSR 121 wall mounted table (does not go low down)

  BSR 117 floor-standing                                         BSR 117 floor-standing 

    BSR 101 electric adjustable table (does not go low down)          BSR 127 non adjustable side table


Tel 01245 477922 email

Delivery period usually 2-4 weeks.

Baby changing adjustable tables model BSR105, BSR107, BSR117, BSR119 have built in anti-squeeze / autostop.

If you are a nursery product supplier or manufacturer please contact Interline UK 01245 477922 about UK distribution.

For end user enquiries please also call us if you need the name and contact details for a suitable supplier.